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Lousy end to good game: Jays lose in extras.

Blue Jays 6 Yankees 7 (10 innings)

Lots of things happened.


  • we threw out 3 runners at the plate.
  • Brandon Morrow pitched a good game and deserved better
  • Dwayne Wise hit a 3 run homer.
  • Overbay and Lind each hit one too.
  • Wise, Overbay and Bautista had good days at the plate. Molina and Gonzalez had 0 for 5's.
  • Dwayne Wise also lost a ball in the sun that cost us two runs.  Cost us the game. At least he had his sunglasses on.
  • Overbay made a bad play on a bunt, trying and failing to get the runner at third. 
  • Yankee a batter swings at one that hits him, runner on first moves up. Umpire didn't see it hit the foot of the batter and didn't move back the runner. Then course a single scores the runner. Just the luck of the draw against the Yankees it seems. 
  • Encaracion popped up a bunt and didn't run on it. Should have. But then there is no way he should have been asked to bunt. If he was successful, the Yankees would have walked Overbay to pitch to Molina. Overbay is hot, Molina is Molina. And course they did walk Overbay and Molina ended the inning. Cito should know better. 
  • David Purcey came into the game in the 10th. walked two and then gave up the game winning hit. I guess the idea of him being closer will have to wait. 
  • Downs and Frasor pitched well in relief. 

There was more but I don't want to think about this one anymore. One we should have won but didn't. A catch would have made all the difference.