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If we hit we can't pitch....Twins beat Jays

Twins 7 Blue Jays 6

The good news? The bats seem to have come around again.  Bad news? The pitching isn't what it should be.

Jesse Litsch was good through 5 innings. Just back from a year off after Tommy John's, we or at least Cito, should be ready in case he tires early. 6th inning Litsch gives up a long fly, a homer and another homer. Suddenly his pitches are up and he really should be out of the game. A single and a double later and he was out of the game. 

To the surprise of....well everyone, Cito brings in Brian Tallet. Up by 1, runners on 2nd and 3rd and Brian Tallet comes in the game? Really? And to add to it, Cito has him intentionally walk the first batter he sees. Cito...managing 101, first lesson. If you walking someone intentionally use the pitcher you are taking out of the game. The pitcher coming in should just focus on the strike zone. Anyway Tallet gets a pop out, then walks the next guy. In Tallet's defense, game day had 2 of the four balls hitting the outside edge of the strike zone. The next batter popped up. I guess, all in all, bases loaded, 1 out when he came in, only allowing one run wasn't bad. 

Unfortunately Tallet came back out for the 7th inning and gave up a homer. Jason Frasor started the 8th, single, sac bunt and he was out. Scott Downs gives up a single and the game winning run scores. Kevin Gregg pitched a perfected 9th. 

Offensively we got 9 hits, but no walks. Hard to get a walk when you swing at everything.  Our stars were Fred Lewis (2 for 4, double, homer), Lyle Overbay (2 for 4, double, homer, both opposite field), Dwayne Wise (1 for 4, homer) and Edwin Encarnacion (3 for 4, single, double, homer). Guys going 0 for were Alex Gonzalez, Jose Bautista and Nick Green (filling in for the still sick Aaron Hill). 

Jays of the Day are Encarnacion (.306 WPA, really looked like he had his timing back), Lewis (.186) and Overbay (.133). I'm going to give one to Wise as well for a .071 and a couple of great catches in CF. Suckage Jays are Litsch (-.305), Downs (-.146), Green (-.131), Gonzalez (-.113), Wells (-.101, for the game ending pinch hit strikeout, hardly fair), and Bautista (-.099). 

Not a fun game but some good signs. Tomorrow Marc Rzepczynski gets his first start of the season with the Jays. I'm looking forward to that.