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Great Night for Jose Bautista, Jays Beat Twins.

Twins 5 Blue Jays 6

It's nice to come out on top of a one run game again. Seems like it has been a long time. 

Also nice to see Marc Rzepczynski again. He's been gone too long, I forgot how to spell his name. He had a pretty good start through 5, except for a couple of home runs. He had a tougher time in the 6th. I would have liked to see Cito pull him a couple of batters earlier but thats life. In total he went 5.2, giving up 8 hits, 4 earned, 1 walk and struck out 7. The 5th went: strikeout, single, single, walk, sac fly. Then Cito pulls him, after the tying run scores. 

Shawn Camp came in and got the last out of the inning, then he gave up the go ahead run in the 7th on a single and a Orlando Hudson triple. Scott Downs pitched a a good inning and a third, getting the win. Kevin Gregg got his 19th save, getting three guys to fly out to Vernon Wells in CF. Vernon made a nice catch on the first out, the next two were routine. Gregg hasn't been a fan favorite but that save was nice and calm, no drama. All-in-all, he's been much better than I expected, so far this year.

Offensive? We got 10 hits, one for each fo the starters, except Jose Bautista, who had two hit and 2 walks. One of his hits was an inside the park homer, on a ball that just fell between the center and left fielder who then had a bit of a collision, just a glancing blow really but enough to slow them down getting to the ball. Jose did a lot of running tonight, he also scored the winning run in the 8th from first on Vernon's double.

Jays of the day are Bautista (.345 WPA), Downs (.169), Gregg (.167) and Wells (.155). Honorable mention to Gonzalez who drove in a couple of runs and Lewis who had a big triple. Camp (-.113) and Scrabble (-.262) but I can't give it to Marc. It was a pretty decent start for his first one of the season.

Tomorrow we have Brett Cecil (7-5, 4.72  4.19) going for the series win against Scott Baker (7-7, 4.72).