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Three Home Runs and We Still Lose.

Indians 5 Blue Jays 4

Mr. Round, Pink and Efficient wasn't very efficient. A two run homer in the first, 3 good innings then the fifth started with a double, next Litsch slipped trying to field a bunt, so he had runners on the corners. A steal and a walk later and the bases were loaded. When Jesse started the next batter with a ball, Cito had seen enough. 

Now taking a pitcher out in the middle of an at bat isn't a normal thing. If he had thrown a first pitch strike? I guess he would have stayed in the game. Anyway Cito made the choice of bringing fan favorite Brian Tallet in. Tallet couldn't find the strike zone on his first three pitches. Next batter hit into a double play, that got home another run. A strikeout ended the inning. Not terrible considering the point he came in. Tallet pitched two more innings, giving up a solo homer. David Purcey and Kevin Gregg each pitched a scoreless inning. 

Offensively, we got 9 hits and 3 home runs, which should add up to more than 4 runs but each of the homers were solo shots, one in the first for Aaron Hill and Yunel Escobar and Jose Bautista went back-to-back in the 7th. With runners on we didn't do as well. Vernon Wells had 2 doubles and Hill had 2 hits. Lind and Buck had 0 fors, everyone else had a hit. 

We had a shot to tie. Travis Snider lead off the ninth with a single, DeWayne Wise bunted him to second but Escobar and Bautista couldn't drive him home. 

Jay of the Day is Aaron Hill (.152 WPA). Players with Suckage numbers are Litsch (-.203), Escobar (.140, in spite of the home run), Lind (-.126), Buck (-.111) and Wise (-.108).

Tomorrow night we start a series in New York against the Yankees. Brandon Morrow vs. A.J. Burnett.