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You And I Fall Together / You And I Sleep Alone: BoSox 10, Jays 1

Ouch.  Tough one today.  Shaun Marcum didn't have his usual pinpoint command, he made a couple of mistakes, and the Red Sox made him pay, tagging him for 8 runs in 4 innings, on four home runs. I guess you can't be perfect every time out.  Brian Tallet, Casey Janssen, and David Purcey mostly held things in check the rest of the way, but the Jays were way too far down and didn't muster any offense against Boston starter Clay BuchholzAdam Lind had 3 singles and Yunel Escobar walked a couple of times and singled, and that was about it - no other walks, and the Jays didn't have an extra-base hit all day - in fact, their only run was unearned. 

Ugly, ugly game.  The Jays will try to avoid the sweep tomorrow, with Brad Mills taking the hill for the Jays and expensive disappointment John Lackey pitching for Boston. 

Title from the great Replacements' song "Little Mascara".