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Friday Bantering

Have a few minutes this morning so thought I'd look in. Seems like I missed a great finish last night. Yet another Jose Bautista home run. Big steal of second by Dewayne Wise. Timely double for Edwin Encarnacion. And deep enough fly by Fred Lewis. Gotta love hanging a blown save on Jonathan Paplebon, his 6th of the year against 29 saves. He is two up on Keven Gregg for blown saves. Nice that Gregg pitched well and picked up the win. The rest of the pen pitched well too. 

Haven't had any word that Purcey has been put on the DL yet. Hoping he'll be ok. The Jays have sent Mills down and called up Marc Rzepczynski. Mills loses out with the Jays wanting to give Morrow a few extra days of rest after throwing a ton of pitches Sunday. It is too bad for Mills but he'll be up with the September call ups. He is the type of pitcher that will need a while to figure out what he can do to beat major leaguers. Whether the Jays ever give him that time is another question. 

I see the Giants have traded for Jose Guillen. You think they would like to have kept Fred Lewis now? Guillen was hitting .255/.314/.429 with the White Sox. Lewis .271/.334/.443 with us. Add in that Lewis can run and play the field while Guillen really can't. 

Quick minor league notes:

Vegas and New Hampshire didn't play yesterday.

Dunedin lost 8-7 to Daytona. Gose was 1 for 3, .269. Mark Sobolewski 3 for 5, .280. He is hitting .361 his last ten games. Yan Gomes 2 for4, double, .270. Ryan Goins 2 for 3, walk, double, .210.

Lansing won 10-3 over Dayton. Egan Smith got the win, 5-2, 4.60. Justin Jackson 2 for 6, .225. Sean Ochinko 3 for5, double, . 313. Brad Glenn 2 for 5, 2 HR, .319. K.C. Hobson 2 for 5, double, .333. He moved up to Lansing a couple of days ago. Michael Crouse 2 for 3 triple, 2 walks, .250. Moved up to Lansing from the GCL last week. Kenny Wilson 3 for 5, .221.

Auburn lost 5-2 to Brooklyn. Carlos Perez 2 for 3, walk, .302. Marcus Knecht 1 for 4, double, .265. Andy Fermin 1 for 4, .304.

GCL Jays lost to the GCL Tigers 2-0. Arron Sanchez started, 3.0, 2 hits, 3 walks, 4 k. 2.25. Pierce Rankin 2 for 3, double, .298. The GCL Blue Jay have picked up a few players. Recent signings Christian Frias, Justin Nicolino, Mitchell Taylor and Brandon Mims have been assigned there.

The Jays are off to the west coast for 3 against the Angels. After last night's win they should be up for the games.