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Great start for Marc Rzepczynski, Jays beat Angels.

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Blue Jays 3 Angels 0

A great return to the roster for Scrabble. 7 innings of work, just 2 hits, no walks and 6 k. Pretty amazing really.Of course walks haven't been his problem this year. he has only allowed 2 walks in his 18.1 major league innings. I hope this is the start of something good for the guy. He is a favorite of mine. 

Scott Downs pitched the 8th, helped out by terrific play on a bunt single attempt that Aaron Hill made. Kevin Gregg pitched a perfect 9th for his 26th save. I'll admit it's only like 26 more saves than I thought we'd get from him this year. I didn't think much to his signing this winter but he has been very good. I know folks figure we should never have a blown save but that's not realistic. 

Offensively we did enough. 7 hits and 5 walks. 2 hits for Adam Lind. Everyone else had 1 hit except for Jose Bautista (who took a walk and was robbed by CF Peter Bourjos of a double), Vernon Wells (who took two walks and scored a run) and Jose Molina (0 for 4). 

Jays of the Day are Scrabble (.121 WPA) and Lind (.121). Honorable mention to Edwin Encarnacion who drove in the first run and scored the last run, all the way from first, on a Fred Lewis double. Tell me he is lazy again? Jose Molina had Suckage numbers at -.154.

I really don't understand why Travis Snider and J.P. Arencibia are sitting so much. What's the point of having them on the roster if they aren't going to play? These guys are our future. Of course, I didn't understand why Cito wouldn't play Carlos Delgado and Shawn Green back in the day. Cito talks about losing a game today to win two in the future, but playing the young guys is the best example of that strategy.