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Thirty Shots on Goal, We Know That You Won't Fail

So today is the first day of the English Premier League season.  Other than baseball, soccer is the only sport in which I really have any interest.  Just curious how many EPL fans there are on the site and if so, what squad do folks support?  I'm a Newcastle fan myself (h'way, promotion!), have been for several years now - ever since I used to regularly run into a Geordie fella at a pub in Baltimore that showed EPL matches when there were very few of those to be found.  He would bring his 5 year old son to watch the matches and there really isn't anything more charming than a 5-year old speaking Geordie, singing racy Newcastle fight songs with his da', and calling his mother "wor mam". 

Anyway, all you fans, who do you support and what are you looking forward to this season?  And if you're inclined to drop in just to say "soccer sucks," consider your opinion pre-noted and just skip the thread. 

Today's title from Barcelona's song "Kasey Keller," about the greatest ever performance in US soccer history.