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Rogers is so stupid. Oh and Jays lose to Angels.

Blue Jays 2 Angels 7

Brett Cecil had a terrible start, 5.2 innings, 10 hits, 7 earned, 1 walk, 1 k and 3 homers allowed. He hasn't had many bad starts so I'm not worried about this one. 

We didn't do much on offense either. 4 hits on the day, one each for Lewis (a homer), Bautista (double), Overbay (double) and Hill. 

Add in that we didn't play great defense and you have the trifecta. A well earned loss. 

No Jay of the Day today. Cecil gets the Towers award for the lousy start. 

I'm really not understanding why we called up J.P. Arencibia. If we wanted a backup catcher, it should have been Raul Chavez and leave to J.P. play every day in Vegas. It makes no sense to bring him up and then not play him. If we don't want to use him send him back. Add in that Jose Molina is 0 for 18 at the moment and it's just one of those things that can't be explained. 

The other I don't understand is why Rogers thinks it is a good idea to take the games away from us. Finally they are getting some good word of mouth, better attendance and I'd imagine better ratings. So what do they do? Make it so most of the country can't watch anymore. I guess as long as they show the games in Toronto they figure the country is happy. Anyway I'm sure there will be more on this later. 

Tomorrow is a 3:30 Eastern start, for those of you who will get to watch the game.