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Marcum throws a one hitter, Bautista and Encarnacion homer. Jays beat A's.

Jays 3 A's 1

Shaun Marcum was Doctastic (Morrowific?) with a complete game one-hitter. It is too bad the one hit was a home run but we'll take it. He also gave up just one walk and there was one error for Edwin in there. 5 ks. His career first complete game. Pretty decent. 

This was the 8th time we had a no hitter going into the 6th. Our starters have pretty amazing this year, especially considering how young they are. 

On offense we had 11 hits and 2 home runs, so you would have expected more than 3 runs, but we did hit into 3 double plays and Travis Snider was picked off first/caught stealing in the first. Had that not happened, we might have scored some in that inning. Every player in the line up had one hit except for Lyle Overbay, who was 0 for 4, but scored a run and Jose Molina, who went 4 for 4. I guess we won't see J.P. Arencibia again.

Jose Bautista had a solo homer that was ruled on the field to be an inside the park type but it clearly hit the foul pole. Edwin Encarnacion had a two run homer. 

Jays of the Day are Marcum (.515 WPA), Edwin (.134, but an error) and Bautista (.102). I think Molina deserves honorable mention for the 4 for 4 and a caught stealing tonight. Travis Snider had Suckage numbers (-115) but he also made a great diving catch early in the game to keep the no-hitter going. 

Tomorrow Brandon Morrow coming off his one-hitter goes up against the A's and Dallas Braden, who had a perfect game earlier this year. A pretty decent pitching matchup. Would be good to watch wouldn't it? Stupid Rogers.