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Sad Ending. Jays Lose to A's.

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Jays 4 A's 5

What is wrong with Jose Molina's glove? Yesterday there were two 'wild pitches' that he really should have blocked. Today, bottom of the 9th, runner on first, batter trying to bunt and he whiffs on an easy pinch to move the winning run to second. . If JP had done that it would be another reason to leave him on the bench for the rest of his time with the team before Buck returns. 

Anyway great work to come back in the game. We got 3 runs to tie in the top of the 9th. Adam Lind doubled. Aaron Hill lined out. Lyle Overbay and Edwin Encarnacion walked. Pop single for JP Arencibia and a 2 run single from Fred Lewis tie the game. Yunel Escobar came within inches of giving us a lead, hitting a ball right down the right field line that was called foul. It was close. I don't know if it was foul or fair. Our first base coach seemed to think fair. Unfortunately Yunel hit into an inning ending DP right after. 

Marc Rzepczynski didn't have a good start to the game, he gave up 2 in the first inning and 1 in the second. In total he walked 5 in 4.1. Our pen did a pretty good job. Frasor gave us 1.2 scoreless. Scott Downs have up a solo homer in his inning and Casey Janssen pitched a scoreless 8th before giving up the unearned run in the 9th to get the loss. 

We didn't do much offensively, 5 hits on the day with 7 walks. Fred Lewis had 2 of the hits and drove in 3 of the runs. JP Arencibia drove in the other run.

Jay of the Day is Fred Lewis (.400 WPS). Frasor and EE get honorable mention. Escobar (-.361, but if that ball had been called fair he'd have JoD numbers), Janssen (-.351, hurt by Molina's mistake), Scrabble (-.166) and Hill (-.148) have Suckage numbers. I'm going to give Molina a Suckage award too. 

We have a day off tomorrow then three games in Boston. These were the three games I would have been going to had I won the auction back in June. I tried. Instead I'm taking my boy to Boston in September to watch the Jays then.