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On a Wave of Mutilation: Jays 16, BoSox 2

The Jays won a laugher today, but there's not much more fun than routing the Red Sox

On the Mound:

Brett Cecil has had his problems with Boston, but today wasn't one of those days.  Cecil pitched six scoreless innings before giving up a couple of runs in the 7th.  He struck out 6 over 6 2/3 innings, walking three (one in the 7th), and did a nice job against a tough offense. 

At the Plate:

The Jays started teeing off early against Boston starter Jon Lester and they never stopped, chasing Lester after two and not relenting after getting into the bullpen.  Lyle Overbay crushed two three-man home runs and added an RBI single in the 8th for good measure for a 7-RBI day.  Fred Lewis and John Buck (as well as the aforementioned Overbay) reached base 4 times apiece, and Yunel Escobar reached 3 times.  Jose Bautista hit yet another home run, his 38th of the season, a solo job as so many of them have been.  And how about that John McDonald, who hit a 3-run home run and also doubled and singled.  Just a huge day for our offense. 

From the Pen:

After Cecil left the game, Jesse Carlson (pitching against his hometown team) and Shawn Camp pitched a perfect 2 1/3 between them to close things out, with each notching a strikeout. 

So that was fun.  Too bad it only counts for one win (except in the land of Pythagoras).  Jays of the Day are Overbay, Cecil, Buck, and Lewis.  Tomorrow's game features an interesting matchup - Daisuke Matsuzaka for Boston and Ricky Romero for Toronto.