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Saturday Morning Link Fest

What a  beautiful game last night. It is always fun to be on the winning side of a rout, but it as twice as fun when the team on the other side is the Sox of the Red variety.

Bautista hit another home run and currently sits at 38 for the year. This is unbelievable to me, I never would have thought he would have a break out year, let alone a monster season like this. He still has a legitmate shot at breaking the Jays all time single season HR record held by George Bell at 47, that my friends is truely unbelievable and one of things that makes this game so much fun to watch.

Just think of this season, how many near no hitters have we seen? How many amazing moments? In a year were even the most optimistic of us were all but writing the team off they have shown and given everything they possibly can. What an entertaining team.

Tune in after the jump for the links from around the Jays Blogosphere. And use this thread to talk about whatever you like on this

For recaps of last night game you can check out, Sportsandthecity, Mike Wilner (which includes a link to Jays Talk), The Toronto Star and the Toronto Sun.

Hum and Chuck: The Belly of the Beast
Joanna visits SOSH so you don't have to! Provides the highlight comments. I love these things.

Sports And The City: Stealing Home: Baseball in the desert, Part 1
Another installment in Eyebleafs travels around to all of the ballparks. Here is Part 1 of the Arizona piece.

Drunk Jays Fans: Rogers Vice Chairman Phil Lind Speaks (Unintelligibly)
The Drunks Recap an interview between Bob McCown and Rogers Communications Vice Chairman Phil Lind from Prime Time Sports

The Blue Jay Hunter: Acid Flashback Friday: The Pittsburgh Pirates Trade Jose Bautista to the Blue Jays
IanH looks back to when the Pirates traded Bautista to the Jays on his Acid Flashback Friday.

Ghostrunner on First: What's a Rzepczynski Worth?
Drew from GROF discusses the worth of Rzep, Im guessing he doesn't mean with a triple word score...

Roger Clemens as a Blue Jay - Mop Up Duty
Early from Mop-Up Duty remembers back to when Clemens first started with the Jays.

Richard Griffin
Flash Forward to the future and Griffin reminds us of Clemens indictment. He tries to make the case to separate "The Rocket" and "Roger Clemens"

Would Marcum Even Get Drafted in 2010? - Mop Up Duty
Matthias ponders the question of how much value Marcum would have in the current draft if he was a 3 year College Player. Interesting thought ad makes you think about what the Scouts truly value.

John Buck - The FAN 590 Toronto - Audio on Demand
Jerry Howarth speaks with John Buck before Friday's game.

Jays feeling the draft - Bob Elliott - Toronto Sun
Bob Elliott recaps the draft and reminds us that the organization wasn't just blowing smoke at putting more money into the draft. We spent almost a full 7Mil more this year then in each of the past 2 drafts.


Toss anything I missed into the comments. Game tonight is at 7PM Est, Romero taking on Dice-K.


Late Update: 2010 Draft Review: AL East | FanGraphs Baseball
Fangraphs reviews every team in the AL East vis a vie the draft. Hot tip, The Jays did well.