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Last night was a dream right? Sunday Morning Linkfest

That was really a disappointing end to the game last night, After narrowly tiptoeing out of danger in each of the 8th and 9th innings it felt like we were going to pull it off. When Snider got caught in the run down that really killed us. I know he couldn't have done much different, the ball was hit to his left, you are taught to run on those and even if he didn't Scutaro was between him and 2nd base. He was a sitting duck no matter what, but that doesn't make it any less hard to take.

With the loss the blogosphere is kinda quiet this morning, everyone must be sleeping in getting ready for the afternoon getaway game.

Onto the Links!

Recaps of last night's disappointment can be found with Mike Wilner (With Jays Talk), Toronto Sun, Toronto Star and the National Post.

The Tao of Stieb: Just how close?
Tao ponders just how close we are to competing for a playoff spot. Is 2010 out of the question? 2011? 2012?

Blue Jays Watch | Baseball | Sports | Toronto Sun
Quick hits from the Sun including how it looks like we will have 4 starters with 10 or more wins for the first time since 2007, Johnny Mac's HR in Boston and John Buck's opinion on why we have seen such success with our young pitchers.

A step down for Jays prospect | Baseball | Bob Elliott | Toronto Sun
Bob Elliott with notes and thoughts on Kevin Ahren's demotion, Fasano's opinion of our young catching prospect AJ Jimenez and rating some of the Jays Scouts.

Griffin: Surprising Blue Jays young and fun, with more to come -
Richard Griffin writes what most of us already knew. This is a fun team to watch that is definitely headed in the right direction

Double trouble
Missed this the other day, a nice piece of Justin Jackson and Kevin Ahrens and their troubles so far in their pro careers.

Losing his way
John Lott from the Post writes about the troubles that Lind has seen this year and what he has done to try and overcome them.

Toss anything I missed into the Links.


Later update:

Major League Bastian: Chess Match: Game 122
Bastian breaks down a pivotal moment of the game last night