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Tuesday Morning Linkfest

The rage all around the Blue Jay Blogosphere is regarding a certain piece penned by one of the hockey sportswriters over at the Toronto Star. I am not going to link to the article because it is exactly what the author wanted (more page hits) and I am not even going to mention the guys name because that is exactly what he wants.

I was pissed about this, so pissed I kinda flew off the handle in the game thread on Sunday which I apologize for. It is just that this makes me so angry that a story like this exact same thing gets penned by a blogger last year and the MSM goes absolutely bonkers, but the rage won't happen this time because its one of their own.... or will it? Ken Rosenthal has already come out and said his disapproves. And a certain colleague of the author at Toronto Star has responded in kind. Its all very entertaining... or at least it would be if it wasn't such a sad attempt at page hits.

You know what the best part about this whole thing is? Most of our partners in crime around the blogosphere have taken up the same mantle regarding posting the article and talking about the it. I love it when a plan comes together.

Anyways onto the Links! First the few that are not actually related to this whole Bautista-Gate

Sports And The City: Stealing Home: Baseball in the desert, Part 2
Eyebleafs posts his part 2 of the Arizona stealing home Series

Drunk Jays Fans: Quick Blue Jays Draft Recap
Quick recap of the draft. Summarized by the Drunks

Griffin: Bautista leads Jays past Yankees -
Griffin recaps the Yanks Jays game taking another chance to pump up Bautista (pft, like he needs any help) to rub it in the nose of his co-worker.

And now onto all of the ones dealing with "The Issue"! After the Jump

FAN590 - Blogs - Miked Up " Blog Archive " Lordy, Lordy, Look Who’s 40!
Wilner recaps the Yanks-Jays game and throws his thoughts in on Bautistagate (Jays talk included)

Ghostrunner on First: On Changing the Approach
A great response to Bautista Gate. A must read by Drew over at GROF

The Blue Jay Hunter: Bothered by Buchholz and Defending Bautista
IanH over at BJH does a quick recap of the last game of the Boston Series and throws in his two cents on the issue.

Hum and Chuck: Sweet Biceps
Joanna gets in on the act and puts together a post on her thoughts regarding the issue.

Drunk Jays Fans: Gotta At Least Ask The Question
The Drunks put together an absolutely awesome post blasting back at the author of the "article" that kicked off this whole thing

Blue Jays baseball blog - Griffin
Griffin's absolutely awesome response to the author of that piece. For those who are hockey fans here, remember he isn't really accusing Andreychuk (well he is) but he is doing it tongue in cheek. Maybe that other writer should learn to stick to his own sport where he is actually held accountable by meeting with the players...

Drunk Jays Fans: Pissing Match!
The drunks put together their thoughts on the highly entertaining fight going on between Richard Griffin and that other Toronto Star writer.


Toss anything I missed into the comments.