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Jose Bautista the Saga Continues.

For something I really don't want to talk about, it seems like it is all I'm talking about lately. This morning I talked to nice folks from the Pulse Network on their morning 'Sports Buzz' show. It was great fun, even if we disagreed. The nice part about that column, written by 'he who won't be named', is that Jose Bautista is getting some of the recognition that he deserves.

MLB Fanhouse has a great post up about the changes Jose has made to his swing.

Keith Law had a good take on it on the fan yesterday. He actually used the same example that I used this morning: Davey Johnson. In 1973, hit 43 homers. He was 30 years old and to that point he had never hit more than 18 homers in a season. and he never again hit more than 15 in a season. 

As Law said, the problem with raising this, is that now Jose will be associated with steroids for the rest of his life. All because some idiot wanted to get his name out there. It is just sad. A season that should be celebrated becomes something else.

I agree with Ken Rosenthal's thwip:

  My reaction is exactly the same as it was to Jered Morris' article about Ibanez last yr: It is not journalism. It is unfair.


It has nothing to do with journalism, it has to do with trying to ruin a guy's reputation without even looking at the guy.