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Edwin Encarnacion Put on DL, Mike McCoy Recalled.

Mentioned it in the recap but thought it deserved it's own story. Edwin Encarnacion sprained his wrist on his last swing today. Mike McCoy is on his way from Vegas to keep Dewayne Wise company on the bench.  One would think this would mean Jose Bautista would move to third and Travis Snider could play everyday. But apparently Cito say McDonald will play 3B. I don't understand. Mac, as much as he's a great guy and all, doesn't hit will enough to carry his great glove at short. He a) isn't as good at third and b) you want a better bat at third than short. 

Cito doesn't think Lewis-Wells-Snider is a good enough outfield defensively. I don't know, I think Snider is ok in right, he doesn't have Bautista's arm but I wouldn't think his range is any worse than Jose's. He played right all the way up our minor league system, I don't think he's any worse in right than left. But I guess Cito's opinion is the one that matters. Clearly Travis bat over Mac's would make up for any slight difference in team defense. 

Cito really doesn't like Moonraker.