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Jays Decide to Shut Down Brandon Morrow

The Blue Jays announce today that Brandon Morrow's next start will be his last this season. The team has made it clear that he is healthy. They just want to keep him that way. 

Brandon has thrown 143.2 innings this season. Last year, between the majors and minors, Brandon threw 114.2 124.2 innings. As he is only 25 and has just an amazing arm, the team wants to be careful with him. I like that. 

The team will call up two minor league pitchers starters for September. They haven't announce who they will be yet but two of  Shawn Hill, Scott Richmond and/or Brad Mills are the most likely choices. 

Top prospects Kyle Drabek and Zach Stewart are not likely to be called on. Both are nearing their limits of innings pitched. 

As much as I really enjoy watching Morrow pitch, I'm really happy that the team is doing what they can to protect the arms of their pitchers. 

Brandon's first full season as a starter in the majors has been a huge success. He has struck out 10.9/9 innings and has only walked 2.76/9. He has allowed less than a hit an inning. He goes into his last start with a 10-6 record. 

His future looks bright. I wouldn't mind getting the pay cheques that will be coming to him in a few years.