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And Give No Warning to Her Flight: Our Pitchers in July

July was a pretty good month for our pitchers, we had out best ERA for any month this season, so far, 3.79. Our starters were 10-6 with a 4.24 ERA. Relievers were 4-5 with a 2.96 ERA with 7 saves. 

Ricky Romero: 2-3, 6.08 ERA in 5 starts and 26.2 innings. Doesn't look like a good month. In reality he had 2 really bad starts at the beginning of the month and then 3 good starts to finish off the month. It looks like the All-Star break couldn't have come at a better time for him.

Shaun Marcum: 3-1, 3.74, in 4 with starts over 21.2 innings with 26 k and 4 walks. He had the one poor start July 1 and then had a long break until his next start on the 18th, it seems to have done him some good. 

Brandon Morrow: 2-0, 5.09, in 4 starts and 23 innings. 9 walks and 25 k. Another one that had a couple poor starts, then a couple of better ones after a break. Another one that the Jays are going to have to watch his innings. 

Brett Cecil: 1-0, 2.33 in 5 starts, 32.1 innings, 16 walks and 19 k. His strikeout rate was down and he was walking too many but didn't give up many hits. The team won 3 of his 5 starts but didn't seem to want to score until he left the game. Seems like definition of a hard luck pitcher, going at least 6 innings in each start and giving up 1, 1, 3, 2, and 1 run in his starts and yet just the one win. 

Jesse Litsch: 1-1, 4.24, 4 starts, 23.1 innings, 6 walks and 8 k. Three good starts and one bad. He really does need to strike a few more people out, but it wasn't a bad month. Clearly not a favorite of Cito's. 

Kevin Gregg: 0-1, 1.86, 10 games, 5 saves, 1 blown save, 9.2 innings, 4 walks, 7 k. He only gave up runs in one of his appearances. In spite of the blow up in the middle of it, he had a very good month. 

Shawn Camp: 1-0, 5.00, 10 games, 1 save, 9 innings, 2 walks, 8 k. He's been giving up a lot of hits. Cito uses him a lot, I'm glad to see them trying to cut back on his innings a bit. 

Casey Janssen: 0-0, 2.35, 10 games, 15.1 innings, 1 walk, 12 k in 15 innings. You have to like a pitcher with a 12/1 strikeout to walk ratio. 

Scott Downs: 2-0, 0.00 ERA, 11 games, 10.2 innings, 3 walks, 9 k. Yeah he's been pretty good. Last gave up a run June 6th. 

Jason Frasor: 1-2, 2.61, 12 games. 10.1 innings, 2 walks, 10 k. He's been really good too. 

Brian Tallet: 0-1, 7.24, 8 games, 13.2 innings, 13 walks, 4 k. Like you needed to be told he hasn't been good. 13 walks in 13.2? Get the feeling he's afraid to throw strikes?

David Purcey:0-1, 0.96, 9 games, 9.1 innings, 5 walks, 10 k. Pretty decent.