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Monday Bantering

Happy Monday.

We have a new little, SB Nation provided, toy. If you look up at the top left hand side of this place, there is a 'Fan Confidence Poll'. So once a week you get to vote how 'confident' you are in the team and after Sept 1 the average will be put on a graph of some sort. Basically it is a happyness gauge. If you are happy with the how things are going this week, give it a high number, unhappy low. Or if you are like me and didn't understand how the vote works, you'll give it a 50. The way to do it, he found out a little too late, is to dial it to a number then hit vote. Not hit vote and figure it will ask you the question after.

I know, not the most thrilling gadget in the world.

Most of you likely know this already but the New Hampshire Fisher Cats are going to the playoffs. It is nice to see our minor league teams do well, it is a positive sign for the future.

Our Las Vegas team isn't as lucky, they are 62-74 and in last in their PCL division. But they have announced their season player awards, with about a week to go. 

51s General Manager Don Logan announced the following awards: Mayor's Trophy: Catcher J.P. Arencibia; Most Valuable Player: Catcher J.P. Arencibia; Most Valuable Pitcher: Jesse Carlson; Community Service Award: Outfielder Aaron Mathews.

It says a fair amount about their pitching when a middle reliever wins the most valuable pitcher award. I really can't see how Jesse won over Jeremy Accardo.

You have likely all read this piece on Accardo in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. I do feel sorry for him, he really didn't get a fair chance with the Jays. Not one of Cito's favorites. At the bottom of the story it notes that Sean Henn and Rommie Lewis were put on the DL. 

Jesse 3-1, 4 saves, 4.24 ERA in 51 innings.

Jeremy: 3-2, 23 saves, 3.56 ERA in 43 innings. 

I guess saves are pretty meaningless really and Jesse has a much better winning percentage....

Dunedin is 27-36, dead last in the Florida State League North division in the second half of the season but they were first in the first half so they are going to the playoffs as well. Playoffs start Sept 9th for them.

Lansing is 29-33 and in 5th place in the second half of their season. They finished the first half 36-33, in 3rd place.

Auburn sits 5th at 31-37 with 7 games left in their season.

The GCL Jays finished their season at 31-28 in second place.

The DSL Jays were 23-42 in 4th place at the end of their season.


We were talking about former Expo owner and current Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria in a game thread last week. Jeff Passan has an article about him and his stadium deal at Yahoo sports. The man is example one of how, if you are a friend of Bud Selig, you can be a total scum and MLB won't care at all.

The White Sox have picked up Manny Ramirez, being 4.5 games back of the Twins they really have to get on a streak to make the playoffs, but then Pat Tabler thinks the Tigers at 10 games back are 'in the thick of things'. 

The Southpaw looks at the pitchers that might replace Brandon League Morrow. And yes I wouldn't be all that surprised if Cito goes with Tallet. 

The Blue Jay Hunter reviews Dave Stieb Bobblehead Day.

It is Ted Williams 92th birthday. I think I'll celebrate by eating a popsicle.