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Happy Birthday Russ Adams and Scott Richmond

Scott Richmond turns 31 today. Richmond is a favorite of mine, the cross between the story of how he came to the Jays, pitching in the majors within a year of pitching for the Edmonton Cracker-Cats and of course, he's Canadian. Last year his season started great. He was named AL Rookie Pitcher of the Month for April. Things went downhill from there. If he had a pitch that he could get lefties out with all would be good. He started off on the DL this year. He has made 6 starts in the minors, going 3-0 with a 1.74 ERA. I'm hoping he gets a September call up. In the long term, I think he'll do well in the Brian Tallet role, long relief and making the occasion start, filling in where needed.

 Russ Adams turns 30 today. Our number one draft pick in 2002, he was our shortstop of the future at one time but it didn't turn out. He had a hard time with the throw from short and he didn't hit all that well. The Jays tried moving him to second but he still didn't hit much and Aaron Hill was a better choice at the position. He signed with the Padres as a free agent in 2009 and then with the Mets as free agent again, this past winter but hasn't been up to the majors since the Jays released him early last year. 

I hope each of them have a great day and that we see them in a major league jersey again soon.