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Tuesday Bantering.

Lyle Overbay is still out of the line up with a 'heavy head', according to thwips from Jordon Bastian. The Jays are saying he had 'concussion like symptoms' but not a concussion. So I guess if it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, sometimes it's not a duck. Apparently he and Brian Tallet bumped into each other last Tuesday, but Lyle felt find until Friday. 

I hope he's feeling better quick, I like Adam Lind getting time at first but I wouldn't wish a concussion on anyone. 

Jordan also tells us that Yunel Escobar will be out until Friday. That's not good news either.

He also let's us know that J.P. Arencibia and David Purcey will be called up tomorrow and that others will come up after the 51's season ends next week. 

The Jays have announced that pitchers Alan Farina, Matthew Daly and Daniel Farquhar, infielders Michael McDade and Adeiny Hechavarria, and outfielder Eric Thames will be playing in the Arizona Fall League. 

Fangraphs has an article on players whose WAR numbers have risen the most.  Jose Bautista is one of them, jumping from 1.9 last year to 5.4 this year. 

Ghostrunner on First talks about Aaron Hill leaving without talking to reporters yesterday.

The Blue Jay Hunter is selling 'Bautista Bomb' t-shirts