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Trying Not to Quote Meatloaf

Blue Jays 1 Yankees 5

Would have liked the sweep and all but winning a series in New York for the first time since August of 2008 isn't too bad. 

We had our chances to score but didn't make the most of them. We only got 5 hits on the day. 2 for Jose Bautista (and a walk). 1 each for Lyle Overbay, Edwin Encarnacion and John McDonald. Overbay was the only one to get a hit when we needed one to drive in a run. And we didn't hit a home run for the first time in a week and a half. Vernon Wells did give it a try, came up just short on a fly to left field, the deep part of the park. 

Travis Snider was 0 for 5 in the leadoff spot, he did hit a couple of balls hard. Hill, Wells and Lind also had 0 fors, though Lind took a walk and was hit with a pitch. Encarnacion took one for the team too. John Buck and Jose Molina shared an 0 for 4. Buck took a foul ball off his throwing hand and had to leave the game with a cut. Don't get excited yet. He is just day to day at the moment. I don't think this is Arencibia's ticket to the majors. 

Shaun Marcum wasn't great, but really wasn't terrible. They don't pay those Yankees all that money because they are bad baseball players. He gave up 8 hits and 5 runs in 6 innings. He also did us the public service of serving up ARod's 600th home run. Thankfully we won't have to hear about that every day anymore. Derek Jeter and Mark Teixeira did most of the damage getting 6 hits, scoring 3 and driving in 3 between them. Shawn Camp and Casey Janssen each pitched a scoreless relief inning. 

Jay of the Day today is Lyle Overbay (.099 WPA).  Bautista deserves honorable mention for his 2 for 3 and walk. Suckage numbers go to Marcum (-.198), Snider (-.139), Wells (-.114) and Hill (-.096).

A sweep would have been nice but don't be sad, cause, well you know. 

Off day tomorrow then the fun month of August continues with a three game series against the Rays back in Toronto.