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Off Day Open Thread

Well, so Tom's gone for the next two weeks, so it'll be up to Johnny, Jesse, and myself to keep things going over the next two weeks.  Myself, I'm checking in from SeaTac airport here in the Evergreen State, so not much time for blogging, but here's a place for you to talk about whatever Jays- or non-Jays related topic you want.  Let's face it, after the weekend of baseball we've had, we could all use a little breather. 

SeaTac is one of my favourite airports (yeah, I know, it's a bit sad that I travel so much I have favourite airports).  For one thing, free wi-fi, which we in DC still do not have for some ridiculous reason.  For another, passable sushi and a relatively low douchebag factor on the part of the average traveler there.  And finally, they give the announcements in English and Japanese, which, besides being helpful to someone like me trying to brush up on the language, is just cool.  Plus, I just passed a guy in a "Sound of Young America" t-shirt.  Sweet!