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Jays lose a pitchers duel.

Blue Jays 1 Rays 2

Tough loss. Vernon gave us a shot at tying it in the 9th. After Jose Baustista ground out right down the third base line, (stupid Rays guarding the line with a one run lead) Vernon hit one over Upton's head in center and ran hard all the way to third, even if Buck Martinez told us he was stopping at second. But Rafael Soriano is pretty good. He struck out Adam Lind and John Buck hit a high fly to the track. In the opposite order, we would have been in business. 

Shaun Marcum pitched a good 6 innings giving up 5 hits, 2 walks, 1 earned and striking out 7. The one run was a Sean Rodriguez home run. It looked like he was battling a stiff neck for the last couple of innings. 

Shawn Camp (three Shawns in the game and each spells it different) pitched a good 7th but gave up a one out walk in the 8th. Scott Downs came in and got two straight ground balls but both missed fielders and the Rays got the go ahead run. He got out of the rest of the inning without giving up another run but then it was too late. Sad thing when you get the ground balls but not the outs. I'm almost sure if Yunel Escobar was playing he would have made a play on at least one of those two balls. 

The Jays couldn't do much against David Price. just 4 hits in 8 innings. John Buck got us our run on a solo homer. We had 5 hits total. 2 for Mike McCoy. One each for Buck (homer), Vernon (triple) and Bautista (double). 0 fors for everyone else. John McDonald walked, stole second but was caught trying to take third. I hate guys getting caught stealing third. Oh well. 

Jays of the Day are Marcum (.222 WPA) and Wells (.134).  Camp McCoy and Buck deserve honorable mention. As well as the homer, Buck throw out Carl Crawford and Jason Bartlett trying to steal. One throwing from his knees. For Suckage we have Lind (-.273), Downs (-.217) and Mac (-.131).

I'm sorry that Lyle Overbay is hurting but I am enjoying watching Adam Lind play first. He made a really nice pick on a Aaron Hill throw. 

We have an off day tomorrow and then 3 game at Yankee Stadium.