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That was awful. Rays thump Jays.

Rays 13 Jays 1

That was just terrible, couldn't hit, couldn't pitch, couldn't field. And there isn't all that much more to the game. 

Ricky Romero pitched 3 really good innings then gave up 6 runs in the 4th. 3 walks, 2 hit batters, a double and a grand slam. And that was about it for the game. 

Brad Mills pitched 3 innings and gave up 3 more runs. Rommie Lewis came in and gave up 4 more runs, while getting 1 out. I can't see Lewis being part of the team next year. David Purcey pitched the final 1.2 and didn't give up a run.

We managed a run. A Lyle Overbay homer. Other than that there wasn't much for offense. Yunel Escobar had 3 hits.

On defense, we didn't make any official errors, but Fred Lewis looked terrible in RF.  I know Cito doesn't like Travis Snider in right but no way is he worse than Lewis out there. 

No Jay of the Day. Escobar came closest at .072 WPA. Romero gets the Suckage award with a -.284 WPA.

Shaun Marcum tries to salvage a game for us from this series tomorrow afternoon. Jeff Niemann starts for the Rays. It is on Sportsnet One.