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Sunday Bantering

We've had a couple of bad starts in a row, something that hasn't happened very often this year. Marcum will turn it around today.

What are folks talking about today?

Richard Griffin says what we all have been saying, that J.P. Arencibia needs to play. Is it just me or has Griffin been a much better read this year. Maybe it is that he isn't campaigning to get the GM fired with every post or maybe it is just in comparison to another writer at the Star. 

The one thing I sort of have an argument with is him calling Cito a 'player's manager'. Cito is a veterans manager. He is great with his guys. 

Gaston promised potential free-agent Lyle Overbay as long as he was still a Jay, he would play every day.

I hate things like this. Managers should be there to do what is best for the team and the team alone. Individual players should only be his concern within the overall view of helping the team. I mean he shouldn't be out to screw a player. I have no understanding why the team should be making messing with Jeremy Accardo a mission. But they shouldn't be telling a player, 'hey it doesn't matter if served better by doing something else, you will play everyday.' The team has to come first.

I hate to pick on a guy a second time, but Scott Carson has another post up. This one about Joe Madden and it is fine and all but this line got me:

And let's face it, Maddon singlehandedly turned around a franchise that looked headed for relocation after taking over a team that was a perennial 100-game loser.

Singlehandedly? Really? The GM that made some terrific trades had nothing to do with it? All those round draft picks had nothing to do with the team improving? All the folks working in player development? Maddon is good, yep, but no manager can win without the a team behind him. 

The Drunks took another run at the idiot Star writer

John Lott tells us Nick Leyva would like the manager job next year.

The Southpaw looks at the starting pitchers in our system.

That's all for now, I'm hoping today's game goes better than the last couple. It is on Sportsnet One. Stupid Rogers.