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Kyle Drabek Called Up. Will Start Wednesday

I know it has been talked about in various threads but I figured it was news worth it's own post. The center piece of the Roy Halladay trade, Kyle Drabek, will be making his first major league start on Wednesday and then will likely get 2 more starts before the end of the season. If all goes according to plan he will also start September 22 versus Seattle and September 28th against the Yankees

The Jays will be going with a 6 man rotation to ease some of the stress off the young starting arms. I'm all for taking it easy on our starter's arms and we'd all love to see Drabek pitch (not that we will get to, since odds are the games will be on Sportsnet One, stupid, stupid Rogers rat people). 

I really didn't think he'd be up this year but I'm always happy to be wrong. I'd think this means that he would have a good chance at making the team out of spring training next year. We could have a very very good rotation next season. It might be worth the effort to try to add another bat through free agency.

A quote from Alex Anthopoulos via John Lott:

"Kyle certainly deserves it," Anthopoulos said. "He had a great year. His last start was outstanding. It was important for us for him to pitch in a playoff atmosphere. He did a great job. He did everything we asked, and his innings total is pretty much identical to what it was last year."