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Adam Lind Walk-Off Homer Beats Rays.

Rays 4 Blue Jays 5

What a great way to win. Down by a run in the bottom of the 9th and facing Rays closer Rafael Soriano, Aaron Hill started things off with a line single and then Adam Lind hits one out to give us the win.

It looked like it was going to be a sad loss. Kevin Gregg pitched the top of the 9th. He gave up a one out walk, then Desmond Jennings got the perfect hit and run single to put runners on the corners. A sac fly later and there was sadness all around. 

Shaun Marcum pitched well for 5 innings but had a little trouble in the 6th. He gave up a couple of infield singles in a row that Yunel Escobar and Jose Bautista weren't quite able to make great plays on. A ground rule double and a wild pitch later and the Rays tied the game at 3.  

Jesse Carlson started the 7th but gave up a single and Cito pulled him for Jason Frasor who got 2 outs before he left for Scott Downs, who gave us a perfect 1.1 innings. 

Offensively, we got 3 runs in the 4th off 2 hits, 2 walks, a Jeff Niemann error and a sac fly and that was it for offense until Lind's homer. We had 5 hits on the day and 5 walks. 1 hit each for Bautista, Wells, Overbay, Hill and Lind. 2 walks each for Wells and Lind. 1 for Wise.

Jays of the Day? Well the Fangraphs page is not up to date with the finish, so lets give it to Lind, Downs and Hill. Frasor and Wells deserve honorable mention. Give Suckage to Gregg, though that hit and run play was perfect. Without the runner on first moving, the ball would have gone right to Escobar, but he had to cover second on the 'steal'. 

Tomorrow we start a three game series against the Orioles. Scrabble goes for the Jays while Brian Matusz (8-12, 4.71) starts for the O's.