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What moment in Jays history made you a fan of the team?

I'm off to Boston Wednesday to take my boy to Fenway Park and watch some Jays games. I'm also hoping that seeing some live ball will rekindle my love for the team.

I'll admit, the Sportsnet One mess has damaged my fandom. Baseball has always been a sport that seems to try to make it hard to love at times. This time, here we are having a very enjoyable season and the Jays and Rogers make it so most of us can't see the games anymore. The timing could almost not be worse. The games have been fun to watch. The organization seems to have a direction. They are even calling up some of our top prospects. And they take the games away. It is just stupid. But then baseball has never cared much about their fans. I'll admit the voice that's saying 'screw it, they don't care about you, why should you care about them' in my head is getting louder.

So this weekend in Boston, hopefully, will get me back in love with the team.

Since I'm have these moments of doubt, I thought I'd ask you guys what moment made you a fan of the Jays? If you like you can add in any moment that confirmed your fandom, that reminded you why you love this team.