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Jays give one to the Orioles

Jays 3 Orioles 4 in 11 innings. 

There are many things I don't understand. The Chaos theory. The appeal of ABBA. And why you would send Brian Tallet out for a 3rd inning in a tie game. Especially when your pen is overflowing with September call ups. I'm not even one that hates Tallet, but that really wasn't a good spot to use him. 

Tallet came into the game in the 9th with the game tied and got out of the inning, after a lead off walk and single. In the 10th he just gave up a single. Why send him out for another one? A single, ground out and a run scoring single later, Tallet had his 6th loss and a 6.28 ERA.

There were a few good things that happened today. Marc Rzepczynski had a better start than his few. 5 innings and 2 earned. One came on a Brian Roberts homer to start the game and another on a very soft ground ball. He walked 2 and struck out 3. 

Our pen did a pretty good job. Robert Ray got 2 outs while walking two. Shawn Camp gave up 2 hits, a walk and a run, getting 3 outs. I wish the Jays would have got through with the stated plan to rest him a bit. He's pitched too much. Jesse Carlson got an out. Brian Tallet is left out for a 3rd inning and Carlson is pulled after one batter. Jason Frasor had a perfect inning. 

We only got 7 hits on the day. 3 for Yunel Escobar, who drove in 2. Edwin Encarnacion hit a home run. Wells, Lind and Buck each had a hit. Snider, Bautista, Overbay and Hill all had 0 fors. 

Jays of the Day are Escobar (.269 WPA) and Frasor (.115). Buck gets an honorable mention. He threw out another base stealer from his knees. He has been really good at throwing guys out since going to the throw from the knees style. It amazes me he can throw that far from his knees. Try it sometime, it isn't easy. 

Snider, Wells, Bautista, Overbay and Hill all had Suckage numbers. 

I wish Cito would give J.P. Arencibia some at bats, but I'm glad he has come around on Snider. When asked about who would sit with Encarnacion coming back to the team, Cito said "the main guy who needs to play is Snider." I'm glad he's saying that, let's see if he holds true to it.

Shawn Hill gets his second start for the Jays tomorrow. Jake Arrieta (5-6, 4.96) goes for the O's. And, of course, it is on Sportsnet One. Stupid Rogers rat people.