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Some you lose. Orioles beat Jays.

Jays 3 Orioles 11

That was terrible. 

Shawn Hill had a pretty good start, giving up 2 earned in 5.2. And that pretty much sums up all that was good about the game. He walked one and struck out 4. 

The bullpen had a terrible day. David Purcey gave up 2 earned while getting 2 outs. Josh Roenicke gave up 4 runs, 3 earned without getting an out. And Casey Janssen got the last 5 outs, giving the O's 2 more runs.  

Offensively we didn't do a lot either. Aaron Hill hit his 24th home run, driving in our 3 runs. Yunel Escobar had 2 hits. Travis Snider, Vernon Wells, Adam Lind and John Buck had a hit each. Escobar, Overbay and Bautista had 0 fors. 

And to top it off we made a couple of errors. A throwing error each for Buck and Roenicke.

No Jay of the Day today. Aaron deserves an honorable mention for his homer. Not much for Suckage numbers either, since it was a team effort loss. Overbay (-.105) and Encaracion (-.096) get them. 

Drabek goes tomorrow. Of course, on Sportsnet One. But by game time I should be in Boston.