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Sportsnet One on Shaw

Sitting in the Ottawa airport, waiting on the plane. They could really use a restaurant at the gates. There is a Tim's that just has donuts, muffins and coffee and a sandwich place. I bought my son a $10 sandwich and pop. Cheap at half the price.

Saw this Thwip:


It's official! #Shaw has picked up the free preview of #SportsnetOne in time for tonight's #Jays game.


If I was home, I'd be happy that I would be able to watch Drabek tonight. Might get to watch some of the game at the hotel tonight. Not sure what the channel number will be. If you find it, put it in the comments. 

We should have a pool on the number of innings and strikeouts Kyle gets tonight. Put in your guesses. I think he'll go 6 innings, 5k. 

Enjoy the game, if you are one of the lucky ones that will get it.