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Memory Might Mirror No Reflections On Me: Boston 6, Jays 0

The Jays never put anything together today and missed their chance to sweep Boston, in Boston.  

On the Mound:

Shaun Marcum got off to a great start, striking out the side around an infield single in the first, but got into trouble in the 5th, giving up 5 runs.  Mike McCoy didn't help things with some poor outfield play, but then J.D. Drew hit a home run to make it a bit of a moot point.  Boston is a tough place to pitch but Marcum could have done a better job keeping the ball down.  Not the worst appearance (he didn't walk anyone) but all it takes is one bad inning sometime.  

At the Plate: 

Very little to report and, in fact, no extra-base hits.  Mike McCoy did a nice job setting the table from the leadoff spot, reaching base three times.  John McDonald had a couple of hits from the 9 spot, and Vernon Wells and Lyle Overbay each singled.  Jose Bautista had a rough day at the plate, stranding 6 baserunners including 4 in scoring position.  Just goes to show, no one can be perfect every day.  

 From the Pen:

Brad Mills and Taylor Buchholz pitched the final 2 2/3 scoreless innings.  Buchholz needed just 8 pitches to get through the 8th, and 7 of them were strikes.  

Jays of the Day:  McCoy is closest but not quite there, particularly with the error.  

A tepid end, but winning a series in Boston is always cause for celebration.  The Jays have the day off tomorrow and are headed back to the Big Smoke where they begin a series against Seattle on Tuesday.  Shawn Hill will pitch.  

Title from "For Want Of" by Rites of Spring.