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Monday Monday Monday: Monday Links

Today's title comes from the great Tegan and Sara song of the same name.  Kick us off, gals:

I write myself this letter:

  • Jordan Bastian has a great little bit on Ricky Romero's 2010.  Bottom line, everybody's favourite East LA kid recognizes the progress he's made, but thinks he still has a ways to go.  I'm actually not sure how much Romero needs to progress to be an ace - beyond becoming just a bit better at minimizing big innings. 

Without me:

  • In the same article, Cito mentions that Aaron Hill could be back in the lineup on Tuesday. 

I close my eyes:

  • The good people at Batter's Box try to suss out Baseball America's top 20 Jays' prospects, which should come out soon. 

I say damn your mood swings, damn your mood swings:

  • The Drunks, in a series taking a look at potential Jays' managers in 2011, think Pat Listach might overemphasize small ball.  I must say, I don't want a manager whose team has ever lead anything in sacrifice bunts.  This comes on the heels of Jerry Crasnick mentioning Listach (along with Don Wakamatsu and Bob Melvin) as potential Cito replacements.  If we had Roman empire-style succession, I wonder who Cito would pick as his replacement. 

Your house or mine:

  • Tao looks at where Jose Bautista should play in 2011.  The answer may surprise you, since for some reason Bautista's excellent hitting has weirdly (though all too predictably) given rise to some perhaps undeserved praise about Jose's fielding.  Bottom line - his numbers at right field (this season) and third base (every season in which he's had significant time) are both wanting, but realistically I don't see how you put that arm in left field.  Either way, if he hits like 2010 he can play wherever he wants. 

I lay awake and miss you when you go:

What's wrong with you?

  • Ghostrunner on First uses pretty pictures to look at Lind's lost season.  Well, they're pretty until you understand them, at which point they're just plain ugly. 

I tell myself you let me go:

I don't really care for your city anymore: 

  • the Hardball Times has an article for the Simpsons' fan in all of us, comparing each MLB team to a character.  Spoiler alert, the Mets are my fav character, who some of you should have no trouble guessing. 

I make myself unhappy so you'll go:

So, now that that song is in your head for the rest of the day, what's on your mind on this offday?