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Brian Butterfield

The Drunks are doing a look at the candidates for manager next season and today they are profiling Brian Butterfield. He would be my favorite choice..

Like they say, he would be the favorite among the current members of the coaching staff. I guess it is possible the Jays will consider Nick Leyva and Bruce Walton has done a great job with the pitchers so maybe he'll get some consideration, but I would think Brian is the choice off our staff.

We had the three part interview with him back in July (part 1part 2 and part 3). I watched him working with the infielders, hitting fungoes for a good long time before the Friday game in Boston. He is tireless doing that. If he isn'tpicked to be manager next year I'd imagine he would be leaving the team to go work with Buck Showalter. It would be sad to lose his ability to work with infielders, thought I guess if he was manager he wouldn't have as much time to work with the fielders. I'd hate to lose someone that has been with the team since 2002. 

Brian has managerial experience, he managed in the Yankee's minor league system and managed their Triple-A team to a championship in 2001. Butterfield has had a sore foot this season and will be getting surgery on it after the season is over. 

He has been with the team since 2002, I'd hate to see him leave, obviously the team likes him. Cito? I have no idea, he is pretty sparing with the compliments. Cito seems to only like the guys that were with him on his first go round with Jays. I don't know how much Cito's opinion will sway things.