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Today in Bluebird Banter History

A year ago today I had a little Cito rant. Yeah, I know, find a day when I don't have a Cito rant and then you have news. This one? Well, I wanted Cito to play Randy Ruiz more. Yeah, got that one wrong, but what the real deal behind it was a quote from Cito saying people told him Ruiz didn't look good working out in the outfield. I was a little bewildered that Cito couldn't tak a look himself at the guy. The fun part really is in the comments where one of our members says if he was running the team, he'd be releasing Jose Bautista at the season end. Whoops....

Two years ago today we had poll on who was the best CFer in Jay history. Devon White got 50% of the vote. Wells and Moesby coming in second and third. Surprisingly Otis Nixon got some votes. 

Three years ago Hugo had a review of a weekend trip to New York, watching three games in Yankee Stadium with Jesse. I think the funny part is that all they needed to pass as Canucks was a

passable knowledge of the city and my brother comprehensive knowledge of Avril Lavigne's catalogue and Degrassi: the Next Generation.

Hmmm Jesse, Avril Lavigne? Really?

It is fun to take a look back every now and then.