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I'm not even supposed to be here today! - Gm 154 - O's @ Jays

Saturday's are great. I'm off work for the week, and usually because the better half is working I get to spend the day with my girls. Its pretty much the only day that I have with them alone to spend some Father-Daughter time and it is great. Well mostly great, when I am woken up in the morning by getting poked in the face by little tiny fingers and I keep hearing the words over and over "Daddy, Up" I start to wish I was still at work sleeping at my desk like a normal weekday morning.....

So after I get up and put on a pot of coffee and get set for the task of picking out clothes for the girls to wear and getting them dressed before making breakfast for them. This is inevitable slowed down by the fact that apparently I cannot pick out proper clothes and my wife picks out something else for them to wear (Who knew pink and lime didn't go well together???). I go to make breakfast for them which I am then told "NO! Mommy do it" and then they decide to mix their milk with their toast. After cleaning up a mess I get to settle a dispute over the possession of a toy school bus and a musical tea pot before finally sitting down and drinking my now lukewarm mug of coffee. Then something great happens, my girls run over and give me a hug and say Thank you Daddy and Love you Daddy. It's all worth it..... well until they get angry when I switch to the baseball game instead of Toopy and Binoo then its all out war. Someone please help me!

Second last start of the year for Romero unless the team messes with the rotation and shuts him down. Its been a fantastic year for Romero and he has really made the baseball world sit up and take notice. I love having this guy in our rotation and he really makes me forget about all the Tulo noise that we have had to endure over the past few years. He takes on Guthrie who has pitched a lot better then his W-L record indicates, although I guess that is to be expected when you've pitched for the O's this year. Last time out for Guthrie he got knocked around for 6ER in 5 Innings by the Yanks.

2010 - Ricky Romero 13-9 30 30 3 1 0 0 197.0 178 93 82 14 77 166 3.75 1.29

2010 - Jeremy Guthrie 10-14 29 30 0 0 0 0 195.0 184 89 85 22 49 108 3.92 1.19

Two changes for the lineup as Jose Molina slides into the catching spot behind the plate (you know as opposed to that catching spot out in the Outfield) and Snider takes over from Wise in LF and leads off. Molina drops down to the 9 spot in the lineup and pushes everyone else up one spot.

Tune In after the jump for Series info and Lineups.

Current Series

Blue Jays lead the series 1-0

Fri 09/24 6 - 4 win

Baltimore Orioles
@ Toronto Blue Jays

Saturday, Sep 25, 2010, 1:07 PM EDT
Rogers Centre

Jeremy Guthrie vs Ricky Romero

Mostly cloudy. Winds blowing from left to right field at 15-20 m.p.h. Game time temperature around 55.

Six Shots I Fell Like a Soldier: Jays 6, Baltimore 4

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Sun 09/26 1:07 PM EDT


Baltimore Orioles @ Toronto Blue Jays

09/25/10 1:07 PM EDT

Baltimore Orioles Toronto Blue Jays
Brian Roberts - 2B Travis Snider - LF
Julio Lugo - DH Yunel Escobar - SS
Nick Markakis - RF Jose Bautista - RF
Ty Wigginton - 3B Vernon Wells - CF
Adam Jones - CF Lyle Overbay - 1B
Jake Fox - C Aaron Hill - 2B
Nolan Reimold - LF Adam Lind - DH
Brandon Snyder - 1B Edwin Encarnacion - 3B
Cesar Izturis - SS Jose Molina - C

Keep it Civil and Go Jays Go! (or as my girls like to say Go Days Go!)

Today's title is from Clerks.