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Open Thread for Manager Candidate Discussion

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Update Oct. 14: Bob Elliot has mentioned Red Sox coaches John Farrell, pitching coach, and Tim Bogar, third base coach as possibilities for the Jays job. Bobby Valentine has been interviewed by the Jays, apparently Valentine and the Marlins couldn't come to a contract agreement. He is also talking to the Mariners. Dave Martinez is to interview too. 

Tim Wallach won't be interviewed by the Jays, as the Dodgers didn't grant them permission. The Dodgers allowed other teams to interview him, I don't know what they have against the Jays. I'm not going to take him totally off the list but the Jays can't sign him without permission from the Dodgers, so I'd guess that he's a dead issue. 

It is starting to look like Ryne Sandberg might not get the Cubs job, so he could move up a few spots. 

Oh, and Fredi Gonzalez comes off the list. 

I think it was John Lott who said you could make a shorter list of people not rumored as being considered for the job/

Update Oct. 9: A few changes this time around. Two names added. Demarlo Hale, 49, is bench coach with the Red Sox. He managed in the minors in the Texas Rangers organization. Bob Elliot says he'll be interviewed. 

Rick Renteria is a coach with the Padres. He managed in the minor systems of the Padres and the Marlins. You likely remember he was a shortstop in the majors. He played for the Pirates, Mariners and Marlins. He is going to be interviewed as well. 

Also Tim Wallach, who I thought had a pretty good shot at the job, signed a new contract with the Dodgers. I sounds like he is willing to wait out Don Mattingly. The Dodgers have gone through a few managers in the last few years, so maybe he figures Mattingly won't last either. I am not going to take him off the list but I'm dropping him down a bunch of spots.  Moved Rob Thompson into the number 2 spot.

I've moved some other guys around. I haven't seen Bobby Valentine or Joey Cora mentioned as someone we were going to interview so I moved them back a few spots. 

Update Oct. 6: There hasn't been too much more for real news on the candidates. Alex has said he'd like to have the manager in place by the Winter Meetings. Personally, I'd think he would want to make the move within a week or so of the end of the World Series. MLB asks teams not to make major announcements during the WS but I'd like to think he'd have decided by then or soon after. Unless there is someone he really likes that is on one of the teams playing in the Series. 

The Bangor Daily News has a short article on my favorite candidate, Brian Butterfield. It is nice to see that he has interviewed/ I hope his surgery goes well tomorrow. It shows how observant I am, I watched him working with the infielders a few times this season and I never noticed him having trouble moving around. 

I haven't done much for changes to the list, I haven't seen any new names connected to the Jay search. I took Omar Malava's name off the list since I haven't seen him mentioned in a while. I haven't heard Dave Martinez' name mentioned much lately either, but maybe it is because he is busy getting ready for the playoffs.

Update Oct. 2:  Moved Tim Wallach up to number 2. Added Ron Roenicke, Bob Elliot mentioned him as a possible. Don Baylor has interviewed, apparently. I'm really hope he isn't the one. For reasons why, see this interesting Drunks post which also talks about Bob McCown's troubles with Cito. Made a couple of other minor changes to the order. 

Update Sept. 30: There hasn't been much for new rumors, damn that Anthopoulos for playing things so close to the vest. What are the odds that he picks someone we haven't thought of yet? Likely 50/50.

I moved Eric Wedge down a couple of spots, just think it is more likely AA would go with Martinez or Wallach. I took Murphy and Walton off the list (won't I look dumb if one of them gets the job). I'm thinking the bottom 4 are 1000 to 1 shots at best. So the difference between being at the bottom of the list and not being on the list is not much. 

Moved Gonzalez and Leyva up a spot and Melvin down two. If we weren't so sure Gonzalez will take Bobby Cox' job I'd have him higher. I think Leyva is a really good guy and wouldn't be a bad choice. 

No one thinks that last night's grease mustaches was more a plea by the players to get Bobby Valentine considered? No didn't think so. 

Let me know of any names being talked about that I missed.


Just putting up a thread so we can talk about possible new managers. I'll move the thread up to the top of the page every couple of days. We can add names as we hear about them and you can use the comments area to talk about your favorites. 

I'll list them with the ones I think have stronger chances first and long shots towards the bottom.

1. Brian Butterfield: My favorite choice, he'd been with the team since 2002 and I'd like him to stay. Leo Durocher may have thought good guys finish last but that's not necessarily true. He might end up moving the Baltimore if he doesn't get the head job.

2. Rob Thompson: Third base base coach for the Yankees. Has said he hasn't talked to the Jays and won't until the Yankees playoff run is over. Guys always say this. He is Canadian, which might help him out a little or at least puts him on these lists

3. Dave Martinez: His name comes up a lot. I'm not sold on the idea yet. People figure because he is with Tampa he'd be good. 

4. Eric Wedge: Did a good job for the Indians

5. Ryne Sandberg: I'd think he'll get the Cubs job, if not, you never know

6. Don Wakamatsu: Things didn't work out in Seattle, but then who could win with that team.

7. Pat Listach: Coach with the Nationals.

8. Nick Leyva: Cito's bench coach, seems like a good guy and he's been a manager before. Has said he'd like the job. I thought he was older than 57. Maybe he should be higher.

9. Bob Melvin: Mets scout

10. Ron Roenicke: Bench Coach for the Angels and Uncle of Josh Roenicke. Bob Elliot mentioned him as a possibility. 

11. Rick Renteria: Coach for the Padres. 

12. Demarlo Hale: Bench coach with the Red Sox. 

13. Don Baylor: Cito has suggested his name a number of times. If he gets the job we'll know Cito has influence with the team.

14. Sal Fasano: I'd like him to coach in the minors for a bit longer, but the team seems to really like him. 

15. Dave Farrell: Red Sox pitching coach.

16. Tim Bogar: Red Sox third base coach. 

17. Bobby Valentine: Please no. 

18. Juan Samuel: A former Jay and Latino, which some folks think is a important qualification. 

19. Luis Rivera: Double-A manager. I'd like to see him get more time in the minors.

20. Joey Cora: Bench coach with the White Sox. I guess if you wanted a Ozzie Guillen type.....

21. Tim Wallach: Has been doing a great job for the Dodgers Triple-A team but got passed over for the job there. Former Expo and Dodger power hitter.I've seen Joe Torre's name suggested on our site. A) he wouldn't take the job. B) if Cito's playing favorites bothers you, you really don't want Torre. Tony LaRussa wouldn't take the job either, I don't think. 

Let me know what names I've missed and who you think should be higher on the list. No suggesting Rance, even if it would get him out of the broadcast booth. I like Alan Ashby as a commentator, but I think a manager should have some experience managing. Just this silly idea I have.