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Friday Bantering: Sportsnet One, Aaron Hill and Weddings

Good Friday morning, the long weekend is almost here and with it comes a series with the Yankees. And, of course, tonight's this afternoon's game is on Sportsnet One. I mean, you'd hate to get good ratings. Stupid, stupid Rogers rat people.

Let's have some links.

Chris Zelkovich at the Star tells us that the Jays are taking heat over Sportsnet One. He is a little late to the party, but at least he isn't toeing the Rogers' line that it is the cable companies that are at fault.

Going one step higher on the ham-handed scale, Rogers began pointing fingers at the other carriers. It claimed all had been offered the channel free of charge.

Well, as the other carriers pointed out, nobody would take up that offer because it would kill their negotiating position. In fact, Rogers itself refused to take TSN2 for free when it launched.

A quote from a fan:

"Now that will all be gone, because they won't be able to afford another channel," she says. "I'm disturbed that no one from Blue Jays management said one word to support the fans."

What she doesn't get is that the Jays don't care about the fans. If it is a choice between you and me and their corporate overlords, the overlords win every time. But you would think that the team would have something to say when 90% of their audience disappears overnight.

The Star also has a story on George Bell following Jose Bautista's run at his home run record. I like hearing about what former Jays are doing now. 

The National Post's John Lott talks to Scott Richmond about the Jays' opening in the starting rotation. Spoiler: he'd like to fill it. 

Bob Elliot looks at the questions the team will have to deal with going into the off-season. Number one on the list is Aaron Hill's options.

The Tao of Stieb remembers Lloyd Moseby. He was a favorite of mine too.

Ghostrunner on First is getting married. Congratulations. Anyone who is willing to marry a blogger should be held on to. 

Hardball Times figures Carlos Delgado has reached the end of the line

Alex Rodriguez has fired Scott Boras as his agent. Pretty easy move to make after you sign the 10 year deal. 

Joe Posnanski at talks about Derek Jeter's upcoming contract negotiations with the Yankees. I knew Jeter was having a bad season but I didn't know it was this bad:

But now he's back to the player he looked to be two years ago. As Schur points out, not without some glee, Jeter's sub-par numbers this year - let the record show that on Sept. 3, 2010, Yuniesky Betancourt (95 OPS+) had a higher OPS+ than Derek Jeter (94 OPS+) - don't even tell the whole story. Jeter's stunning numbers (.266/.331/.374) are really pumped up by the energy and hitting atmosphere of Yankee Stadium. On the road he's hitting .230/.294/.307.

Worse than Betancourt? Wow. What you want to bet that that won't stop Buck and Rance from raving about how great Jeter is all weekend long.