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Six home runs power Jay to win over Twins.

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Blue Jays 13 Twins 2

That was fun. 

6 home runs. 2 each for Edwin Encarnacion and Jose Bautista. 1 for Jose Molina and Travis Snider. And all but Molina's were massive shots. EE hit one the other way and to dead center. Bautista pulled his first one a mile then went opposite field with the other. Snider hit his good too. 

13 total hits, 3 each for EE, Bautista and Snider. Bautista had a grand slam and 5 RBI total bringing him to 124 on the season. 

Shawn Hill pitched well for 4 innings, he ran into troubles in the 5th and was pulled for, you guessed it, Brian Tallet. Tallet gave up a long fly to center but Vernon Well made a great catch. Robert Ray was next in, giving up 2 walks and a hit getting just one out, but the hit really should have been caught by our RFer Mike McCoy. Casey Janssen was perfect for 1.1 and was awarded the win. David Purcey and Taylor Buchholtz finished the game off with a perfect inning each. 

Jays of the Day, by the numbers are Edwin (.257 WPA) and Shawn Hill (..168). Honorable mention to Bautista, Snider, Molina and Janssen. No Suckage Jays. 

Ricky Romero goes up against Carl Pavano tomorrow. What is the over/under for Jay homers tomorrow?

Great fun game tonight. I enjoyed even though I've got such a bad cold. Off to bed for me as the Nyquil seems to be taking efffff