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Saturday Bantering: Alan Ashby on Travis Snider.

Not much for Jays' news out there this morning.

In none Jays' news Manny Ramirez admitted that he made mistakes at the end of his time with the Red Sox.  It is kind of nice to see he has some self-awareness. 

Over at Amazing Avenue James Kannengieser shows us that Rod Barajas knows how to make a good first impression.

The Drunks have a great post on stuff that Alan Ashby said on Prime Time Sports the other day. You can listen to Ashby's interview here. I really like Ashby. He's not afraid to speak his mind. He can be critical and he's honest. He was the one Toronto media guy that said there was troubles in the Jays' clubhouse. All the other reporters followed the company line that the story was exaggerated. Alan said yes there are problems and they have been there for a while.

I totally agree with Ashby that Cito has ruined the confidence of Travis Snider and J.P. Arencibia. They should be playing. It seems like we've wasted the last two years with Snider. Snider, like Ashby said, seems to be playing worried about making mistakes, instead of being a play showing his skills. J.P. should have played most of the games while Buck was hurt, like Anthopoulos said he would. Instead he gets 20 at bats over 15 days and people are tripping over themselves making excuses for why Cito didn't play him. "He can't call a good game". How anyone could pretend to know that after watching him catch 4 games, I have no idea. It would be nice if he played enough so that we could have some idea what we might have next year. Right now we must have a young catcher who has to be questioning himself.

What strikes me as funny is that when Cito started with the Jays, this time round, he got them to call up Adam Lind and said he had to play everyday. Then he played him everyday. With Snider, he has said that he has to play but here we are in September and Snider has 207 at bats. It's two years later and we are still talking about Snider's potential.

What should have happened with him, long ago, is he should have been told, 'Hey you are playing everyday, go out there and have fun'. Instead, well he plays come of the time and most of the time, when he does play, the manager shows his confidence in him by batting him 9th. 

Would he be a better player if he had played everyday? I don't know. But at least by now we would know we've got with him.