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Labour Day Bantering

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Happy Labour Day. Not such a happy day here, we seem to have a block in the sewer line, thankfully we saw it early. I'm just waiting for the nice Roto-Rooter guy to come by, while my family spent the night at a friend's house so they could, you know, use the washroom and stuff.

There isn't a good segue from that to reminding you to vote for Tom Cheek in the Ford C. Frick voting. The link is here, you can vote every day. I understand the complaints about the voting being on Facebook but is you don't want you personal information on Facebook, don't put any on. No one says you have to say anything about yourself on it. At the moment Cheek has 63% of the vote, but that is only 63 votes, so let's get over there get his count up.

Maybe I should have gone from backed up sewage to Rogers Sportsnet One. That would have worked better. The hate for Rogers seems to be growing. Chris Zelkovich in the Star figures seniors getting upset (shut up Johnny) might be what finally gets us seeing some games. And even Bruce Dowbiggen is getting in on the Rogers hate.

If you missed it last night, Jonathan Papelbon blew another save. Few things make me happier. Blown save number 7.

Texas will be coming into Toronto in a bad mood today. Last night their game ended on a very strange call. Michael Young, who would have been the tying run, touched hands with his third base coach, while rounding third. Sort of like a high five. When the Twins threw behind him and he dived back to the bag, umpire Alfonso Marquez called him out for interference. It seems like a case of an umpire being too anal with the rules.

Talking about the Rangers, the Jays won't have to deal with Josh Hamilton's bat. He doesn't know when he'll be back. We are also going to miss Cliff Lee who is skipping his Tuesday start because of a sore back.