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Let Your Yeah Be Yeah: Jays 7, Texas 2

The Jays celebrated Labo(u)r Day with a win over the playoff bound Texas Rangers this afternoon.  

On the Mound:

Ricky Romero didn't have his greatest stuff, but he made big pitches when he had to and managed to put together a very good start.  Ricky made it through 7 allowing only 1 run on 7 hits (all singles except one Vlad double) and 2 walks, striking out two.  Key to this was Ricky's getting 13 batted balls on the ground.  

At the Plate:

The middle of the Jays' offense supplied the stick today against Texas starter Tommy Hunter, who JesseF correctly pegged for a bit of a shelling.  Vernon Wells kicked off the scoring in the second by singling, moving to third on a Lyle Overbay walk and an Adam Lind groundout, and then scoring on a wild pitch.  The following inning was Wells again - Vernon took Hunter deep for a 3-run shot after a Dewayne Wise single and a Jose Bautista walk to give the Romero and the Jays some breathing room.  After Lyle Overbay doubled, Aaron Hill followed with a home run of his own to give the Jays a 6-1 lead.  That was all the scoring other than a Yunel Escobar solo home run in the 7th.  

From the Pen:

Shawn Camp pitched the 8th, getting around a leadoff double by Vlad Guerrero.  Brian Tallet came in for the 9th and gave up a run on a Michael Young double.  A couple of the outs he got came on hard-hit balls so maybe we were lucky Texas didn't score more.  

In the Field:

Jose Bautista threw one away for his 7th error of the season.  

Texas may have been without its best hitter, but still a formidable team, so a nice job by Romero and the Jays to take them down to start this series.  Tomorrow Scott Feldman will pitch for Texas and Shaun Marcum will go for the Jays, so we have a pretty fair chance of scoring some more runs.  Feldman has struggled this season.  

Jays of the Day:  Vernon Wells (a whopping .297) continues to worry Jose Bautista by pulling within one JoTD of him on the season (30 to 29).  Ricky Romero (.218) is in a race of his own - he takes a 1 JotD lead over Brett Cecil for the starting pitcher title (16 to 15).  

JohnnyG JesseF started us off right today with a song from the great soundtrack to the seminal film "The Harder They Come," so I'll follow his lead with a different song from the same record.  SoundClash!