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Thursday Bantering

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So we have a dead oven and fixing it would be roughly the cost of a new one.


Ghostrunner on First talks about the right way to bring a good young player into the majors

Jeff Blair tells us why Alex Anthopoulos has allowed this to go on. I'm sure he is right. Alex, likely, has just decided that this is a battle not worth righting. As a personal thing, I think it is a bad move for a new GM to not show who is boss. I think you are leaving yourself open to having problems for the rest of your career. But, with Cito leaving, maybe he's right. Maybe it isn't worth fighting over. 

I'm sure my first question to anyone looking for the manager job would be: What would you have done with Travis Snider? If the answer isn't 'play him everyday', then the interview would be over quick.

It think it is funny that Cito had great patience with Brandon Morrow, letting him go out every five days, until he found himself. That's the right way to deal with a young talented player. And it's exactly what the Mariners didn't do. But with Snider it is play a few, sit a few, play a few. Never letting him get to the point where he is comfortable enough to think that he is going to be out there the next day even if he has a bad day.

I like this bit in Blair's post:

Gaston ran out as many right-handed batters as possible against Texas Rangers left-hander Derek Holland, with the exception of Adam Lind, because he "had some numbers against this kid." Three-for-five with a homer, to be exact. Got to have a leadoff hitter too, right? Hence, McCoy.

No one has told Cito that 5 at bats means nothing? I wonder what he would think now that Lind is 3 for 9 after his 4 strikeout day.


John Lott writes about Vernon Wells' season. If he finishes with 30 home runs and a .275 average, it will seem like a good season. Really he had a great start, terrible middle and (hopefully) a good finish.

Blue Jay Hunter wants to talk playoffs.