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Bluebird Links - The Greatest Blue Jay

Morning everyone.  Quick post today because I've got quite a bit on the go right now.  Griffin and Perkins at The Star each wrote about their pick as the Greatest Blue Jay on the weekend.  Obviously with the cast of players to choose from, there isn't going to be a number one consensus pick, but I enjoy reading about peoples reasoning on the debate anyway. 

Check out the articles.  Griffin's piece is here.  He comes to the conclusion that Delgado was the greatest Blue Jay, and while I disagree with much of his reasoning (especially his reasoning for eliminating pitchers), it's hard to disagree with his selection of Carlos Delgado.  Perkins' article, here, drums up support for Dave Steib, narrowly ahead of Roy Halladay.

Who is your pick for the Greatest Blue Jay?

Jays Links

North of the Border
A few tidbits on Litsch (he dropped 12-14 pounds this offseason), Mills, Lind & Arencibia from the Jays beat reporter.

Who’s Your Jose?
Ben Pritchett takes a look at some candidates for a 2011 version of Jose Bautista

When Will Adeiny Hechavarria Arrive in Toronto? | Jays Journal
Mat Germain wonders when Hechavarria will make the bigs. They also have their latest prospect profile up here, with Moises Sierra at number 30.

10,000 days since Toronto’s most embarrassing loss.
For something a little different. I don't think it's actually the teams most embarrassing loss, but it's an interesting story.

Today in Jays History: Alfredo Griffin | Jays Journal | A Toronto Blue Jays Blog
A review of Griffin's career, based on his resigning between the '92 and '93 seasons. They also have an Ernie Whitt piece here.

Winter Tour 2011 | Fan Forum
The Winter Tour is in Kitchener-Waterloo today and tomorrow for any interested in meeting Snider, JP and Wells.

Around the League

Batter's Box Interactive Magazine - The Year in Review: 1912
An excellent read about the 1912 season. Take a look. I thought this part was funny - I can't imagine Jays broadcasters actually broadcasting a fictional game but apparently, it happened.

The original idea came during the 1994 strike. Believe it or not, with no baseball being played, the radio station actually had Tom Cheek and Jerry Howarth do broadcasts of fictional games. Presumably they got some table game, rolled the dice, got the results and had Tom and Jerry broadcast these made-up games.

Roy Campanella’s 1947 season in Montreal was career turning point " Cooperstowners in Canada
Kevin Glew with a look at Campanella's season with the Montreal Royals.

Batter's Box Interactive Magazine - Bert's "Trade"-marked team
A team constructed from players involved in Bert Blyleven trades.

Why the Rays Got Better Today | FanGraphs Baseball
Dave Cameron writes that the Rays got better right away by trading Garza.