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Bluebird Links - Bud Selig and Instant Replay

For those that haven't heard, Selig and the commissioner's office have said no to expanded playoffs and expanded instant replay for the 2011 season (article here).

In regard to expanding the postseason, Selig said: "We couldn't do that for '11. The schedules are already done. But we're making good progress."

The expanded playoff decision isn't surprising - the schedules are already set and any proposed changes to the playoff format have to be agreed on by the players union. It's understandable that implementing expanded post-season was just not going to happen for 2011, but I don't think anyone expected that anyway.

However, the decision on expanded replay is not only baffling, in my opinion, it's completely unnecessary.

Though both issues are being discussed at the committee level, there is insufficient time to implement any changes prior to the March 31 start of the regular season.

Hmm, okay. First off, the instant replay they use now on homeruns was implement mid-season, on August 28, 2008. So why come out now, in the middle of January and say that there won't by any expanded use of replay for the whole of the 2011 season because there's insufficient time? Why not work on developing an acceptable replay system, and implement it when it's ready, whenever that may be? And really, there's 'insufficient time'? You would think they had been working on this, at the least, since Gallaraga's blown perfect game. So, why can't they get this done?

The GMs are scheduled to meet with Selig on Wednesday and Selig's 14-member special committee addressing on-field issues will gather on Thursday afternoon.

The committee includes four managers: Jim Leyland of the Tigers, Tony La Russa of the Cardinals, Mike Scioscia of the Angels and the recently retired Joe Torre.

From what I know, none of the four members of the committee listed above are really known as 'forward' thinkers in the game. I can't really imagine a guy like Tony La Russa advocating the use of expanded replay when he's so against the use of any sabermetric type stat.

MLB needs to get with it though. Instant replay is used, and used effectively, in both the NHL and NFL now, and you rarely hear complaints about either of their systems. Are they perfect? No, however, most of the time they get the call right, and isn't that what matters? Baseball needs to implement a replay system such that it isn't overused, however, if they have another situation where a player missed out on a Perfect Game because of a blown umpire call, they only have themselves to blame.

Well, at least:

"We've really had some very interesting discussions," Selig said.

What do you guys think about expanded replay? For or against? Confused about the decision to not have it for the 2011 season even though it could be implemented mid-season? More links after the jump. Happy (snowy) Wednesday everyone.

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