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Sunday Bantering

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Boy it is cold here, the last week or so has been just awful. Today is going to be a lay on the couch and watch football day, as much as I don't expect the Seahawks to keep my attention for long.

A few random bits before the game starts:

  • With Carlo Villanueva's signing the Jays have 7 arbitration eligible players left to sign. Since the Jays haven't gone to a hearing with a player since Bill Risley in 1997, they have some work ahead. There is a dare for you all, without looking anything up, tell me something about Bill Risley's time with the Jays? Anything? I can't remember him at all. A reliever. I kind of think he was left-handed but I'm likely wrong on that. I couldn't tell you anything more about the guy.
  • The Jays are still rumored to be after Brian Fuentes, Eric Chavez and Manny Ramirez (though this Toronto Star story says Ramirez is about to sign with the Angels. I haven't seen that mentioned any where else). Ramirez is the one of the three I'd want. Fuentes is a good pitcher and I'm sure he'd do a good job for us, but we have lot of bullpen arms. I don't think his value to us, is equal to how much he'll be asking for, I suppose it would save us from seeing Octavo Dotel in the closer role. Chavez I only want if he'll take a contract with little guaranteed money. A minor league contract with an invite to spring training seems right. It has been 5 or 6 years since Chavez has been a valuable player. It just reminds me of us signing Brad Wilkerson and hoping he suddenly remembers how to play the game. If we don't risk anything, I'm ok with signing him, but, if he doesn't hit, let's not give him 400 at bats to prove he can't hit.
  • The Star has a nice piece on Darin Mastroianni. I don't think there is a player in the Jays system I'm pulling for more. I'll admit I think he'll have to go some to be more than a 4th outfielder, but I'd like to be wrong. 
  • Baseball Canada had their annual awards dinner yesterday. Joey Votto and every other Canadian who played in the majors last year received at least one award. Kidding, kidding. 
  • Michael Hobson, in the Vancouver Sun, writes that the Jays should trade some of their prospects for veteran players. He doesn't suggest what veteran players or which prospects we should give up, but someone should be traded for someone. But we shouldn't have traded for Zack Grienke or Matt Garza.  He asks "why trade Marcum?" Can I answer? Because that's what it took to get Brett Lawrie, a player the Jays wanted.