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Wednesday Afternoon Bantering

Little bits of Blue Jay news:


  • The Jays signed C Tim Mahler , OF Joey Hage and OF Jason Lane to minor league contracts. Those of you that have been around for awhile might remember that I had a fixation on Lane during spring training a couple of years ago. Mostly I wanted the Jays to give him the job that ultimately went to Kevin Millar. I still think I was right on that one. 
  • A couple of other former Jays signed minor league deals with other teams: Robinzon Diaz signed with Texas, Miguel Batista with St. Louis, Jeremy Reed with the Brewers and Chris Aguila with the Marlins.
  • One of Hugo's favorites, Rocco Baldelli has retired. You have to feel sorry for the guy.
  • The Blue Jay Hunter and Parkes at Getting Blanked join me in not being sure about the Napoli trade. 
  • Apparently it is true that the Jays sent $5 million along with Vernon to California.
  • I don't think Vernon looks good in red
  • You know a trade is a big deal when they talk about it in the Wall Street Journal.
  • Jon Heyman lists the stars of the off-season. Alex Anthopoulos is at the top of the list. No surprise there. Among other things, it tells us the Rangers also inquired about Vernon but nothing serious came of it.