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Could the Jays trade for Michael Young?

So I'm watching a boring Calgary Flames game, and surfing the web and I come across this story by our pal Richard Griffin. In it, Richard speculates that Michael Young could be coming to Toronto. I know, but even if it is Griffin, let's think about it for a moment. He says a few things I agree with:

On the one hand, the Jays need a starting third baseman if they want to move Bautista back to the outfield - where he believes his future lies - and tempt him to stay.

I do agree it would be good to find a 3B and let Jose play the outfield. Not that I think it would have any effect on the negotiations with Jose, but I'd like them to put Jose in a spot and leave him there. I think, with star players, give them a role and move the lessor players around. 

And I also agree that the Rangers would love to get rid of his contract. 

And ummmm...well that's about all I agree with.

I really don't think the Jays would want to take on a third baseman with three years left on his contract. I think they would like to have the position open for Brett Lawrie, whenever he is ready for the majors, hopefully by the start of the 2012 season. Also I don't think the Jays would want to be paying Young $16 million a year for the next three, even if we don't have Vernon's contract anymore. I would imagine the Rangers would kick in some of the cash though.

But the part where I really don't follow the logic is here:

Need a clue that something with the Jays and Young could be in the works? Vernon Wells was asked during a Tuesday conference call where he'd been when Jays general manager Alex Anthopoulos called to ask him to waive his no-trade clause, to consent to go to Anaheim in trade.

"I was at the Mavericks-Lakers game with my wife and, ironically, with Michael Young and his wife," Wells said. "I got the call at halftime and missed most of the rest of the game."

Ironically? Why would Wells use that word for something that was merely coincidental?

Ok. because Vernon used the wrong term, that makes you think there is a trade coming? I mean, yeah there is nothing 'ironic' about him sitting with Young, but if Alanis Morrissette can use the word wrong, why can't a baseball player? How can you read anything into that? It is just such a stretch.

I do think that it would be good for Alex to do something to get us excited about this season. It does seem like the fans are being expected to be happy that sometime in the future we'll be good, so don't worry about this year. We have been sold on that idea for awhile. The team isn't all that far off from being able to contend this year and we are thin at the corner spots. I think it would be a shame if we go into the season having Juan Rivera playing RF full time. So a move would be nice, just I don't see that this is it.